Grassroots Advocacy

grass’ roots’ (noun)

  1. The essential foundation or source
  2. The people at a local level

At the Arena Strategy Group, we know the foundation of any successful mobilization campaign is getting the people policy-makers care about most to take action.

A good mobilization campaign echoes local voices and starts a movement. It is one that brings clarity to an issue, builds support from passionate participants, and motivates leaders by evidence of demand.

The Arena Strategy Group is prepared to help you influence key-decision makers through grassroots and grasstops mobilization, coalition building, developing and distributing informational materials, strategic outreach, and helping engage citizens to take a more active role in order to influence public policy.

Current and past Arena Strategy Group grassroots advocacy clients include the American Cancer Society – Wisconsin, ONE, NFL Network, Federal Communications Commission, Holley Development, Century Foods International, Michels Corporation, The Food Allergy Initiative and XO.